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My cover of Beautiful City from Godspell

This is not usually the kind of post I publish on this website so if this doesn't interest you, feel free to just skip this one. :)

I saw the musical, Godspell, a handful of months ago and loved it! Many of the songs are just fabulous. One song in particular really stuck with me and I couldn't get it off my mind. It brought me to tears on more than one occasion. And I knew I had to record a cover of it.

I went into the studio and recorded three takes and even though they weren't perfect, I decided to just use the best one of those three, imperfections and all. The raw and unpolished feeling was ok with me as I just had to get the message of this song off my heart and recorded in that moment of my life. My talented friend, Ezra, mixed and produced it for me since that's beyond my realm of expertise. So here it is, Beautiful City from Godspell, warts and all, if you care to check it out. :)

Vocals recorded by J.D. in the Porchlight Family Media studio.
Piano track …

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