The Top Podcasts About Podcasting That Will Help You To Up Your Game And Stand Out From The Crowd

There are numerous podcasts about podcasting that address the various methods for and means to start podcasting. Most of us are familiar with the top shows by Dave Jackson, Cliff Ravenscraft, Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis and Mike Dell, to name a few. While they are great shows, I'm not talking about those podcasts today. What I'd like to focus on are the shows that go beyond the how-tos and the gear, and dive into the business aspects of podcasting. The ones that talk about the strategies, industry trends, alternate ways of thinking, and generally just provide the information, insight, and inspiration to improve and expand your approach to all facets of your podcasting efforts.

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My Mobile Podcasting Setup

Mobile Podcasting

There has been a lot of conversation in the podcasting world lately about podcasting outside of the studio. Mobile podcasting has become easier in recent years because of advances in smartphone/tablet computer technology. Professional podcaster, Ray Ortega's Podcasters' Roundtable devoted an entire episode to this topic and at NMX 2014, Rob Walch of popular media host, Libsyn, presented a talk about podcasting entirely with iOS devices.

What's The Big Deal with New and Noteworthy? - CCM006

It seems like over the last several months there has been a huge focus on iTunes New and Noteworthy. I've even heard several podcasting coaches and consultants talking about it an awful lot lately. Can I be little controversial here? I can't stand hearing about iTunes New and Noteworthy. To get your podcast into New and Noteworthy is not the be-all end-all of podcasting. I don't understand why so many people spend so much time and energy focusing on this one thing. And let me just say one thing here as a sidebar; it is not new and notable. It is New and Noteworthy. I've heard several people use the wrong terminology too.

What Can I Do For National Podcast Day? - CCM005

You may have already heard that September 30th has been named as National Podcast Day. Steve Lee from and a team of other great folks are heading up this initiative. The goal behind this project is to bring more awareness to this medium. But you may be thinking, "What can I do for National Podcast Day?"

Should a podcast cover art design be more like a logo? - CCM004

If you've been podcasting for very long, you've probably realized that you need several different variations of your cover art for different purposes. You need various sizes for your iTunes image, your .mp3 metadata, your website, social media accounts, etc. But have you ever considered podcast branded items for your show as a means of monetization? You know, coffee mugs, t-shirts and the like. If so, then carefully examine your artwork before just slapping it on any old product in Zazzle or CafePress. Not all podcast artwork looks great when used in this manner.

Do you follow other creators in your niche? - CCM003

Are you familiar with the term "market research"? It's a pretty common phrase in the business world. It refers to the practice of checking out the target demographic for your product or service. This is an over simplification of the concept, of course, but it'll do for now. There is another component of market research that I want to hone in on today and that is competitor analysis.

Microphone Stand Adapter for the Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder

I would have never believed that one small piece of gear would make such a big difference in my podcasting studio. But the Roland OP-MSA1 has made a huge positive impact on my podcasting workflow. What is the OP-MSA1, you ask? It is a microphone stand adapter (or adaptor, as the box says); a simple little device made by Roland especially for the R-05 Digital Audio Recorder. It allows me to connect my digital recorder to any standard microphone stand. In my case I have it attached to a regular three-legged floor boom stand.

Does your email list have a name? - CCM002

I was recently privileged to have a coaching session with Erik K. Johnson, the Podcast Talent Coach, regarding my audio drama fan podcast, Audio Theatre Central. During the course of our discussion the topic of an email list came up. Now as an online content creator, you may know that a mailing list can be an essential part of your marketing efforts and a good source of revenue. You can market your own products or affiliate products via your mailing list while at the same time providing high quality, valuable content to your subscribers.

Erik was asking me about the size of our email list. At the time it was pretty small in comparison to other's. When I let him know that, he asked me, "what are you calling it and how are you presenting it to your listeners?" I told him we were just asking listeners to subscribe to our newsletter or email list. And that is when Erik told me that the terminology used can greatly affect the outcome of having a listener subscribe to your list. The word subscription carries the connotation of having to pay for it. And the words "newsletter" or "email list" can come across as just being a bothersome thing or a nuisance; things are just clogging up your Inbox. He said that coming up with a creative name for your list can entice people to sign up.

Since Audio Theatre Central is all about going behind the scenes with audio dramas I gave it careful thought and decided to call our mailing list ATC Insiders. Since making that change our subscriptions have increased about 20%. So what do you think? Is it worth it to think about how you're branding your mailing list? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Erik K. Johnson - Podcast Talent Coach

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What is Content Creation Musings all about? - CCM001

In each episode JD will dive into one single topic regarding podcasting, blogging, new media, and online content creation. It could be about an article he's read, a piece of gear he's recently acquired or just anything that's on his mind at the time, but each episode will be under 10 minutes; quick and to the point.

This show is also an experiment for me. I'm using this show as a test of the audioBoo platform also it is a test of the short form podcast as well as I'm going to be attempting to produce as much as possible of this show from my mobile devices. It will be unedited.

I'm also a bit of a contrarian. I like to try things that are out of the norm. So I won't be talking about WordPress or MacOS. I might mention the Blogger platform, Android apps, and maybe even Linux. You can expect some outside the box thoughts on this show.

On occasion, I may also give a recommendation for a podcast that I am currently enjoying.

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