Finding Value in Loss | an audio essay

Originally intended to be a submission for a short-form audio production challenge, this piece was written based on the prompt, "Lost And Found", and is one of the most personal things I've ever written. I ended up pivoting to a different piece for the challenge but decided to proceed with recording and producing this one.

I have been enjoying the process of writing and/or producing short audio projects of late. This particular one, while not fiction like the previous ones, still provided a really fun experience for me. The short format gives me the freedom to try out different production methods, without the stakes being too high as they might be with a longer project.

Generally, for a voiceover project, I record in my sound-treated vocal booth, but in this case, I used a sort of "on location" method in an effort to create a more authentic sounding performance and listening experience. I also recorded nearly every sound effect myself in real-time. This approach was all thanks to the suggestion of my Bookworm Banquet podcast co-host, Nicole, who read the draft of the essay. If you're curious to know more about the production process, let me know in the comments.

If you've got a few minutes, check out this piece and let me know your thoughts. (Huge thanks to Christopher Green and Aaron Fullan for the very kind and encouraging feedback they've given me on this piece.)


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