Consulting & Production Services

Want to launch your own podcast? Not sure where to begin? Don't have a clue what equipment you'll need? Need an editor for your audio project?

I can work with you on every component of creating a high-quality, professional-sounding podcast; from the development and launch to the production and promotion. Here are some of the services that my team and I can provide:

Podcast Services
  • Show Development (branding, format, length, etc.)
  • Hardware & Software Setup & Training
  • Audio Editing
  • Custom Intro/Outro Music
  • Voicemail Line Setup
  • Call Routing Systems
  • File Management & Sharing Tools
  • Ongoing Podcast Production

Audio Production Services
  • Show Promo/Trailer
  • Audiobook Editing and Post Production
  • Book Trailers
  • Audio Editing of Sermons, Speeches, and other Spoken Word Projects
  • Radio Spot Production
  • Female and Male Voiceovers

Please contact me for more information on any of the services listed above.

Testimonials from some of the great folks I've worked with:

“JD Sutter has a lot of wisdom to share. He's been an immense help to me over the years, and is one of the first people I go to when I'm mulling over ideas or issues, related to current, or future, content I'm creating. I wholeheartedly recommend his consulting services, if you want to start a creative endeavour, or take your endeavor to a new level. He has both a fresh outlook, and tried and true advice, based on his own real life, practical, hands on experience. Look no further than JD Sutter for all your content creation consulting.”
 - Christopher Green, Sound Designer, Producer, and Writer

"JD is my go to podcasting expert. JD's experience was invaluable as I started my podcasting journey. He helped me hone in on my audience, the value that I was providing to them and tweaks to my show that made a huge improvement. Whether you are just creating your show concept, you have already implemented your show or you want to improve the quality of your content. JD can help you establish a deeper connection with your audience and create loyal, raving fans. JD provided crucial feedback with clear action steps to help me provide a better show. I wasted hours scouring the internet and didn't find anything as valuable as what JD told me in just a few short minutes. No matter what phase of development your show in today, JD can help you take your show and content to the next level! Thanks so much JD!!!!"
 - Bethanie Nonami, CEO, Memento

"I hired JD to help with a complete overhaul of a website and podcast. He took on the assignment and deftly combined two sites that had been in existence for 5+ years and merged them together on the Blogger platform. He applied his expertise to sort out our podcast feed and ensure that our listeners and readers could find the right information in a snazzy new layout. The feedback we've gotten from our audience has been nothing short of stellar. You can see his work at"
 - Scott Monty, CEO, Brain+Trust Partners

"I had the pleasure of consulting JD on a variety of podcasting topics. He is extremely knowledgeable in the technical and strategic aspects of podcasting, and communicates his knowledge in a clear and concise manner. JD is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend working with him."
 - Daniel Wanschura, Reporter, Interlochen Public Radio

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