You won't always be in the same place.

As I was looking for some documents in my office yesterday, I stumbled across a sheet of notebook paper from my high school days in a folder of random papers. On it was a poem I'd written somewhere around my freshman or sophomore year.

It was about a girl and it was very obvious that I was smitten with her. I haven't a clue who I was writing about now, but for some reason, I do have a picture in my mind's eye of sitting in my room and writing it. It's objectively not very good. In fact, it's almost embarrassingly bad. But, I kind of liked seeing this because it helped remind me that we won't always be in the same place that we are now.

We grow. We improve. We progress.

I didn't stay that teenager who wrote bad poems while pining after a girl. I've grown as an individual and a writer. All it took was a lot of time and some good, old-fashioned hard work.

As writer Phil Lollar is so fond of saying, "remember where you are in the story." You won't always be here. So put in the work, keep learning, and don't give up. 

I hesitated to even share this, because the poem is so bad, but I figured if the feelings it inspired in me upon finding it were so positive, then perhaps it may be an encouragement to you too. So I decided to post it for the world to see in hopes that this little anecdote may give you the nudge you needed to keep pursuing your craft.

Whatever your area of discipline, you will get better if you simply don't stop. Just keep moving forward.


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