Escape and Surrender | a 100-word Story

This 100-word story thing has not left me alone since I gave it a go the other day. So I decided to scratch the itch in my brain once again. This time, rather than trying to think of an idea on my own, I took a different approach. I used a random word generator to give me a word which I then dropped into a stock photo website. I scrolled through the images that our seed word brought up until I saw one that grabbed me. That image then became the prompt for the story below.

I was concerned about the story being too reliant on the photo. I saw that as a drawback to this story prompt method and didn't want that to happen. I hope I've succeeded.

Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay

Escape and Surrender

The white flag fluttered in the breeze as the soldier cautiously stepped out of the undergrowth. It was over and he would not die today.

The immaculate, spotless, white tablecloth contrasted against the vibrant colors of the feast atop it in the great hall. Chatter ceases as guests give in to their hunger.

The brilliantly white gown sparkled in the beams that streamed down from the window above the altar. It was as if Heaven’s joy matched her own.

Ah! How vivid the scenes! Far more interesting than these sheets on the line. Yet still she smiles as she works.

Well, what do you think? What does this image or story cause you to think of? Are you a daydreamer?


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