T-shirts for the Coffee Lovers Like Me

Back in 2021, I had an idea for a t-shirt design for people, like me, who are coffee lovers. I made a mockup and sent it to a couple friends as a joke, ended up ordering one for myself, but then didn't really do much else with it.

A few weeks ago, I decided to finish up a couple other designs I had in mind and actually launch a shop where folks can order them. So I am happy to announce the opening of my merch shop where you will currently find a few designs all related to coffee.

I will likely eventually branch out into other designs as I have ideas, but we're going to kick things off with the coffee ones for now. There are three overall designs, two of which have a couple variations.

In addition to the t-shirts, there are also stickers, notebooks, and (of course) coffee mugs!

Stay Woke

Coffee Is My Muse

Coffee Please

Here are a couple photos of the actual products that I ordered.


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