Podcaster, Rusty Humphries, Features Binaural Audio Recordings in Tour of Israel

Have you ever wanted to visit Israel? How about a fully immersive audio tour of courtesy of podcast, The Rusty Humphries Rebellion? Rusty visited many sites throughout the Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in 2015 and captured his experiences in a mini series on his podcast. As he toured the country he recorded many of his stops in binaural audio (also known as 3D audio) which gives you an amazing audio experience when listened to with headphones.

Rusty Humphries
This series is downright stunning to listen to. And even if you're not into politics, I recommend checking out this series of episodes only for the sonic experience. I'm not sure if this type of recording is a first for the medium of podcasting, but it's the first time I've ever heard anything like it and I felt it was worth sharing.

I'd love to see more content of this kind in the podcasting space. Imagine a travel podcast that takes you on a tour through the various cities they visit. Or a local-focused podcast that records a visit to an event in their town. I could even see a use for this approach with a sports show. Pretty much any genre of podcast could use 3D audio recordings of industry events in their niche.

Check out the links to the series below. Be sure to listen with headphones.

Rusty Humphries Day One in Israel - The Knesset
Direct Download Link

Rusty Humphries Day 2 in Israel - The Old City Pt 1
Direct Download Link

Rusty In Israel with Aaron Klein and Col. Mike Bumgarner
Direct Download Link

Rusty Humphries in Israel - Rusty follows in Jesus' footsteps
Direct Download Link

Tour the historic City of David with Rusty
Direct Download Link

The Pope's Palestine Problem and a East Jerusalem Settler
Direct Download Link

If you are aware of other podcasts that have released binaural recordings please share them in the comments.

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