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Earlier this week I received an email from one of the producers for Porchlight Family Media, the podcast network that I manage. He was letting me know that the Mac software, CommentCast, was shutting down. CommentCast, in case you've not heard of it, was a great little software program that enabled us to retrieve iTunes reviews for our podcasts from each of the various country-specific iTunes stores around the world all at one time. It was a fantastic little tool so I was a bit disappointed that it was going away.

But I didn't need to be disappointed because the developer has handed the software over to a new party to maintain. Steve Scott is the new developer of the software and he has transitioned it from a Mac app to a very nice web app called Reviewcast. My trials of Reviewcast over the last few days have been very successful.

Reviewcast is simple and straightforward. You simply type in the name of your podcast, choose "Podcast" from the dropdown menu and click "Search". If there are other similar show titles you will then be asked to choose the one you want and click "Continue".

Finally you will be asked for an email address for Reviewcast to send the reviews to. If it is your first time using the service you will have to complete a verification of your email address. Then the reviews just arrive in your inbox!

Go to and take Reviewcast for a test drive yourself.

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