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Whether you are a podcast producer or a podcast consumer, you most likely know that iTunes is the most popular directory of podcasts in the world and therefore has a huge reach. As a consultant, I highly recommend producers to list their shows in iTunes for that very reason. But iTunes has its shortcomings too. It seems that since Apple does not make any monetary profit from their podcast directory it’s not a real high priority for them. Sometimes listings can take several days to be updated and support for podcasters is almost nonexistent.

Steve Lee, owner and producer at NetCast Studio, recognized these and other issues with the various podcast directories and decided to address them. His answer to this problem is Two Thumbs Up Media, a brand new podcast directory that launched this month. The great benefit of TTUM is the fact that the show listings are completely controlled by the podcast producer. If a listing needs updated, you simply log in to your account and make the necessary changes. There are various listing types offered, both free and paid. Some of the options you can include in your show listing are show promos, social media links, podcast cover art, and much more.

If you are a podcast producer, I highly recommend you take a look at Two Thumbs Up Media and get your show listed there. If you are a podcast listener, then you should also check out TTUM to find some great new shows to listen to. Steve and his team have done a great job of making it easy to sort through listings by category and keyword. So check out Two Thumbs Up Media and then share it with your friends.


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