Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces, Tom Clancy - Book Review

In Shadow Warriors, a non-fiction work, Clancy and co-author General Carl Stiner, give the reader a unique inside look at the US Special Forces, from its origins to today. The book is very detailed and technical, as is typical of Clancy, but this may not interest some readers.

Through Stiner’s military experience, we gain a great inside look at military operations in Vietnam, Panama, Iraq and elsewhere that took place over the past few decades. The book actually becomes more of a biography of Stiner’s military career than a history of the Special Forces, but this does not detract from the book in my opinion.

In a few places, I was a little overwhelmed by some of the more mundane details and this made for some slow reading, but overall this is a very interesting book. If you enjoy Clancy’s novels (especially the Jack Ryan books) or if you like military history, this is a book for you. (****)


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