Easter Sunday

Hey Everyone,


I haven’t blogged in a while because I have been extremely busy. Easter Sunday is approaching and my church is putting on a drama called Via Dolorosa. It is a musical and the choir members play various parts in addition to singing, and since I am in the choir I have been cast as one of the twelve disciples. I also have a solo on one of the songs. So we have been practicing and practicing and practicing… Kristin has been assisting with costumes for the cast and doubling as a lighting technician.


Add this to our already busy existence and we’ll just say that we have barely even had time to sleep. But it’s been fun and it will certainly be worth it when it’s all said and done.


So if any of you who are reading this are in the Phoenix Metro area, please stop by this weekend to see the drama. There is one performance on Saturday, April 3rd at 5PM, and two on Sunday, the 4th, at 10AM and 2PM. The church is located at 51st Avenue, south of Glendale Avenue. If you need further information, leave a comment with your phone or email. Or you can email me from the contact page of our website (See navigation at top left).






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