The Appeal, John Grisham - Book Review

The Appeal is a story that revolves around a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a large chemical corporation by a small town law firm, and a Mississippi Supreme Court election (which eventually becomes the main focus). The plot (if you could call it that) was not as intriguing as most Grisham novels.

This was a very politically charged story and rather than tell a good story it seemed as though the author was more concerned with stating an opinion. I realize that it is common in novels for an author to base his/her plot on a specific issue, but in this case, it was done at the expense of a good read. I say that not because I’m in total disagreement with those opinions; I agreed with some and disagreed with others. My problem with it was the very overt manner in which the ideas were expressed which caused the storyline to suffer and take a backseat.

Although I did finish the book, it was not because I couldn’t put it down; it was just that I don’t like to start a book and then not complete it. There were few plot twists and the ending was very predictable and anticlimactic. Overall, this book was quite disappointing. Being a huge Grisham fan, this book ranks at the bottom of my list. (*)


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