Today is Thursday, May 21st, 2009...

…and it is National Waitstaff Day. So be sure to take good care of your servers if you go out to eat today. Here is an excellent article on gratuity etiquette from Check it out.


Today is also I Need A Patch For That Day. Whatever that means…


And this week is also National Backyard Games Week. So be sure to celebrate that this weekend. One of my family’s favorite backyard games is the game of Washers. Don’t know what that is? Well take a look at the following sites for more info. There are many variations in rules and game boards; my family uses the 3-hole board configuration. It’s a great game and I definitely recommend it.   Lots of info on the game   Great site to purchase washers    The site slogan says it all. “Everything you want to know about the game of washers…”


Have a great Thursday!




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