Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser | a micro audio drama

I referenced an audio production challenge in my last post , which prompted that audio essay. After deciding not to use that project for the challenge, I went back to the drawing board and tossed around a few other ideas, all based on the challenge theme of "Lost And Found". Additionally, the final duration of the project could not exceed 5 minutes, and the final mix had to be submitted by the end of the month. Eventually, I settled on the idea of a young man who is dealing with the death of his father. As the characters and scene began to take shape in my mind, I started to see this also being a story about life in a small town. Though I currently live in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation, I spent over half of my life in much smaller cities and towns and I often miss the community feel of those places so I wanted to attempt to capture that in my story. So I wrote the first draft of the script, sent it for feedback to a couple friends, made some revisions, a

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