Thursday Night Campmeeting

Well Thursday was the last day of Arizona Campmeeting 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed every service I was able to attend (unfortunately, my wife and I were not able to attend the day sessions due to work) and was sorry to see it end. Because of work, I was unable to make it to choir practice so when I arrived I was asked to help usher. Bro. Abbott Jr. led the song service and as with every other night, the Spirit of the Lord filled the place.

Bro. Foster's (from Roswell, NM) son and daughter-in-law sang a great song about the power of prayer.

And then Bro. Abbott Sr. had the congregation march up to the front to give in the offering.

Bro. Abbott Sr.

The choir once again did a fantastic job. They sang Kirk Franklin's "Still Alive" and a medley of "Our Generation" and "Truth Is Marching On" with Bro. Roman and Bro. Alexander quoting some great doctrinal scriptures in one part of the song. It was outstanding!
The soloists for the medley.

As this was the last night, Bro. Abbott also asked all of the other speakers of the week to say a few words.
Bro. Hyler

Bro. Lambeth preached another powerful message.
It is really hard to encapsulate his messgaes in a few words. I will tell you this: he preached the story of the prodigal son and the story of Hannah and Samuel in a way that I have never heard before. I suppose if one had to summarize the message, the essence of his subject matter would be unity in the church and also the detrimentality of bitterness in the body of Christ. Just get the CD, ok. Lol. It was just awesome.

Once again, any of you who have no way of obtaining CD's of the services, contact me and I will get them to you. I know you will be blessed.

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