Tuesday Night

Wow! What a powerful move of God we experienced at Tuesday night's campmeeting service. Bro. Alexander led the song service and the Holy Ghost began moving at the very outset. Bro. Rowell issued a very compelling imploration at offering time using a bit of humor. You just would have had to been there. :)

The VPC Adult Choral did a fantastic job worshipping the Lord with a couple of great songs.

Once again the Lord spoke through Bro. Hyler in a mighty way! He didn't give a title, but I would say it could be titled, "We Need A Revival." It was just awesome. When Bro. Hyler had concluded his message and the altar was full of people, God moved Bro. Morton to say a few words. The power of God was all over him as he began to exhort the congregation to be more evangelistic-minded. To those of you who were unable to be there, I would definitely recommend that you purchase the CD. (The CD includes Bro. Morton’s comments also.) To any of you who may be out of state and don't have any way to obtain a copy, send me an email and I will do what I can to get it to you. I will post a few pics later.

After the service, Kristin and I went to chaperone at the youth activities and we had a blast there. I met a young man who is from my home state of Oregon, which made me kinda homesick. :) But anyway, stay tuned for more commentary...


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